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The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 10, No.2, 1995


Agitation, Allergies and Attention Deficit Disorder in an 11-Year Old Boy

James A. Jackson, Ph.D., BCLD; Ronald E. Hunninghake, M.D.;Hugh D. Riordan, M.D.; Larry Doran, B.S.

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An eleven year-old boy came to the Center with a five-year history of agitation, asthma, attention deficit, bronchitis, constipation, dark circles under eyes, depression, diarrhea, fatigue, “fuzzy thinking,” irritability, knee pain, muscle aches, nightmares, problems with verbal expression, recurrent ear infections, sleep difficulties, severe colic as a baby and sweats.

Since August of 1993, he has been on Zoloft and Lithium. He also takes antihistamines and asthma medications. Physical examination showed a very pale boy who had “allergic shiners” and many white spots on his fingernails. His mother said he had to avoid milk, red food coloring and sugar.

Significant laboratory findings showed a plasma vitamin C of 0.1 mg/dL (normal 0.6 to 2.0); urine C was 0.0; the urine potassium/ sodium ratio was 0.2 (normal > 1.0); essential fatty acid RBC analysis showed gamma linolenic acid to be very low while the RBC zinc was in the 7th percentile. He was borderline anemic with high eosinophiles on the WBC differential. A rectal swab and complete parasitology test were negative. Forty-nine out of 90 cytotoxic food/chemical sensitivity tests were positive. These abnormalities were addressed with diet, dietary restriction and supplemental therapy.

The child was seen again seven weeks later. The mother reported “a dramatic improvement - a new child!” His skin color was better and the depression had lifted (he was off Zoloft). He was much more cheerful. His teachers noticed a big improvement and his grades had “gone up 12 points.” When last seen at the Center in October, 1994 the patient appeared to be doing well.

Two months later, the mother called to say that the boy’s “temper episodes were increasing, he felt stressed and was returning to many of his old symptoms.” It was discovered that he had not been taking his supplements as prescribed. Adjustments were made to his various supplements. Also, since he had been on Lithium and the association of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with generalized resistance to thyroid hormone had been recently described, a low dose of natural thyroid was started.

Two months later, the mother called back reporting “like a miracle” the boy was sleeping better, no more nigthmares, was bright, cheerful, less aggressive, and non-confrontational.

On March, 1995 the patient returned to the Center for a followup evaluation. His humor had greatly improved, his grades were doing fine, and his teachers remained impressed. He has experienced no colds or flu this winter. According to the mother, he is still doing great.

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