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The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 10, No.3 & 4, 1995


Minerals and Disease

Joseph D. Campbell, Ph.D.

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This paper is a review of hair tissue, diet and lifestyle analysis this author has been engaged in since 1974. The original involvement with hair mineral analysis occurred in an effort to avoid osteoporosis, a familial trait of several generations; the goal has been achieved. During this period, the diet and lifestyle of many clients were anlaysed, some several times. An earlier report gave details of the procedures and methods used.

The interest and usefulness of this procedure is being recognized by an increasing number of health practitioners. This is reflected in the 17 papers and two editorials published on the subject in this Journal since 1985. Laboratories such as Anamol of Concord, Ontario, recently added the minerals boron, silicon and strontium to the earlier 16 essential minerals that it analyses. Antimony, barium and silver have likewise been added to the earlier five toxic minerals. Normal ranges were established in the early 70s using healthy volunteers. They are revised as a result of world-wide research in this field. During these years, the importance and functions of the essential minerals and the harmful effects of toxic ones, continues to be documented. This paper will report on the results of the author's most recent 1,000 clients. The sample included well people, but the majority had one or more health problem. The relationship between ever increasing degenerative diseases and dietary changes of this century will be indicated.

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